Uttarakhand Industrial Hemp Management & Cropping system

Uttarakhand Hemp management & cropping system(1)

With a forecast of a boost in industrial hemp international commercial market, the step of Uttarakhand State government to legalise cultivation of iHemp is a welcome decision. Uttarakhand state has been working hard to address the problem of migration from villages to cities and high yield crops like iHemp could be a major boost to rural population to return to their villages. The vegetation system of Uttarakhand is part of Himalayan plant kingdom and is quiet fragile therefore before venturing ahead with industrial hemp cultivation, setup of a system is prerequisite to test and establish the viability of industrial hemp for Uttarakhand’s farmers & producers.

To carry forward the recently opened industrial hemp opportunities for state of Uttarakhand, next step is the setup of Uttarakhand Industrial Hemp Management & Cropping system(UIHMC). UIHMC would support the possible future sustainability of industrial hemp in Uttarakhand state. The establishment of such system is the first visionary step prior to the crop’s commercialization consideration. We have to accept that there is lack of clarity around the cultivation aspect. It makes it even more logical to recognize that research is required to identify procedures and safe varieties that can withstand environmental, ecological and economic threats. Considering the uniqueness of Himalayan biodiversity we must study the risk of any industrial hemp plant becoming invasive threat to Himalayan plant kingdom. The research should also specify the broad range of climate and soils where industrial hemp may be grown. 

Uttarakhand Industrial Hemp Management & Cropping system(UIHMC) is an opportunity for sponsors to become part of one of a kind initiative in Uttarakhand. Mentioned below are the major activities that would make UIHMC an integral part of Uttarakhand state government:

Hemp Varieties

  • Identification of certified varieties for testing
  • Germination, Flowering, height, biomass, yield, disease, THC, CBD
  • Planting date trials with best cultivators in first 2 years

Hemp Management

  • Filed production (Choosing 4 production sites in different areas, 7-10 acres each site)
  • Spacing trial, fertilizer trial

Invasion risk

  • Greenhouse (Light, water, soil response and field trials)
  • Control measures to minimize escape
  • Modeling invasion risk across Uttarakhand

For keeping transparency in the entire system, there should be public access to research activities & information like workshops, field visits and publication.

The article has been written by Hemant Nav Kumar (Founder: U Turn Foundation)


  1. Sanju singh says:


    I want to know can people living in villages in the Himalayas can be farmers and get started into hemp-based business? Is it already happening?


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