Hemp 2020 2.0 Was planned like chapter 1. But COVID-19 Changed everything but not our determination & love for the hemp industry! We are committed to revolutionizing the hemp industry by bringing decentralization and trust in it. Hemp 2020 – 2.0 will happen on Airmeet and to participate please fill the form at the end of this page. In our next chapter of hemp 2020, we will discuss the possibilities and value that decentralization and tokenizing will bring to the hemp industry. The very young hemp industry globally is going through a tough phase of recent regulation and lack of knowledge and understanding of the people working in the industry. We aim to solve that by proposing a platform that runs an Open source hemp blockchain designed for a young & high growth industry like hemp. A platform like this should not be owned by a group of people and companies but by the people who make this community. This is the reason tokenizing is the most effective way to distribute power and control among the community who will be using the hemp blockchain in the future.

Hemp 2020 Highlights

Hemp 2020 29th Feb Highlights
Hemp 2020 Highlights With Speakers.